Wish Ritual Kits

Silver Lining Wishes Ritual Kits are a beautiful way to conduct your own wish rituals.  Included in each kit is:

A direction card: this explains how to perform the ritual for that particular wish, including instructions on how to free your wishes. 

4 wish papers: these are our miracle makers: a beautiful and effective tool to communicate your wishes to the Universe. 

1 wish light: a custom scented candle to balance your physical, emotional and spiritual energy and enrich your experience.  Each candle has a burn time of 50+ hours and has been hand poured by women who have come to the United States as refugees, seeking a brighter future.  We love that as you make your wishes, you are helping other women make their wishes come true too.

1 blessing set: Each blessing set includes a feather that is cruelty-free, ethically sourced and custom dyed. Also included is a palo santo stick that is environmentally sustainable, ethically accountable and humanely fair-traded.