Changing your world one wish at a time

Your wishes can come true and we want to help make that happen.  Because the Universe gives you what you wish for if you ask.  At Silver Lining Wishes, we give you the tools to do the asking. It's the art of co-creating in action! By using the power of your written words, and aligning with the energy of the Universe, you can truly change your world, one wish, one intention, at a time.

Pray, then pause.  Ask, then allow.

The key to having all of your wishes to come true is letting go; trusting the Universe to work on your behalf.  But for most of us, letting go is the hardest part.  At Silver Lining Wishes, we make the surrender simple.  Just write your wish on our wish paper and release your wish into the water.  As your wish alchemizes, it becomes one with the energy of the Universe.  There is power in witnessing this oneness.  You can lean into knowing that the Universe is working to make your wish come true.

Write, then release. Wish, then wait.

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