Silver Lining Sisterhood Enrollment
Silver Lining Wishes

Silver Lining Sisterhood Enrollment

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The Silver Lining Sisterhood is the energy of self sovereignty.  Building self trust and self empowerment that is deep, true and endless. Tapping into our inner wisdom.  Bringing us into a place of full alignment, allowing us to know with certainty that every choice we make is moving us in the right direction. Because we get to choose.  And also, we have to choose.  

We will meet each other where we are, right here, right now. Healing the sisterhood wound.  Creating a deeply connected community.  And walking together toward the life of our wildest wishes. Because we aren't meant to walk alone. We are meant to live, to love to laugh, and to learn in sisterhood.

This journey will take us back to the fierceness and wisdom that lives within us.  That will give us the tools to co-create the life of our deepest desires.

Because every one of us is meant to be fully empowered to live the life of our OWN wildest wishes. You are meant to.  I am meant to.  We are all meant to.  

This is a 9 month journey. And a lifetime of sisterhood.

Monthly 1:1 and group energetic mastery mentorship calls, with unlimited voxer support throughout the entire 9 months

Module 1: Celebrating self: What does it mean to choose ourselves?

Module 2: Alignment: Connecting with our spirit team and guides, Learning how to tap into their guidance, to interpret their signs, to ask them for support, Connect (more deeply) with your guardian angel, Connecting (more deeply) with archangels

Module 3: Manifesting: Getting a clear vision about the life of your wildest wishes. What do you want from this life? How big do you wish? How do you want to show up every day? Who do you want to be? Focusing on a crystal clear vision of our highest self and choosing to induce her in all of our decision making. What would it look like to show up as her in our daily life? What can you do to show up more authentically as her- small action steps.

Module 4: Surrender: Embodying the truest version of you. Owning your authenticity and releasing the old stories that hold you back: healing those energetic stories, and releasing them fully to make space for the new energy that you want to embody.

Module 5: Healing our relationship with self: Turning up the volume on your heart’s voice.  Tapping deeply into your intuition.  Learning the tools to use hear that voice of guidance.  This is where we build deep self trust and find our inner knowing.

Module 6: Transformation: Activating our inner power. Rebuilding self trust. Expanding your capacity to show up in your gifts. Uncovering who you are and why you’re here.  Unlearning the stories that keep us small.  That tell us to play it safe.  That scare us into believing that it’s not safe to go big.  Eradicating those fears and filling ourselves with self trust, self confidence, and self love.  

Module 7: Create: Awakening our womb wisdom. Lighting the fire within so that it burns constantly and consistently even when the world wobbles.  Womb healing and clearing generational wounds. Allowing the energy of abundance to flow. 

Module 8: Connection:  Building a solid foundation with boundaries. What it means to have boundaries with love.  Boundaries with business, boundaries with friendship, boundaries with family, and boundaries with self. 

Module 9: Expansion: Grounding deeply into the energy of mother earth allowing us the tap into her alchemizing power. Opening the channel to allow Universal energy to flow… deep grounding which allows us to feel safe with ourselves, safe with our abundance so that it flows to us with ease and our expansion is endless.

A 9 month journey.  A lifetime of sisterhood. 

Pay in Full: $8500

Payment plan: $850 per month/ 10 months

Extended Payment plan: $495 per month/ 18 months

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