Silver Lining Leadership: Energetics Mastery Certification & Brand Partnership  (PIF)
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Silver Lining Leadership: Energetics Mastery Certification & Brand Partnership (PIF)

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Silver Lining Leadership program provides certification in our signature Silver Lining Spirit, Soul and Self Healing Method and the opportunity to become a Silver Lining Wishes Brand Partner, building your own leadership legacy. 

During this yearlong mentorship program, you will be certified in the Silver Lining Spirit, Soul and Self Healing Method which teaches you the connection between Spirit, soul and self.  The SL Spirit, Soul, and Self method includes: how to tap into your own intuition to guide you, your clients and your business, how to balance and use sacred masculine and divine feminine energy, how to identify, clear, activate and expand different energy centers and portals in both your physical body and extended energy bodies, how to use breath work and the physical form to move, transmute and realign energy, and how to decipher, call on and work with many different archangel energies to aid us in healing sacred contracts and ancestral wounding. 

As part of this Certification Program you will learn how to create Silver Lining Wishes healing circles and ceremonies, holding energetic space for yourself, for private clients, for small groups and for larger events. 

SLLeadership also includes modules on: Astrology and the Signs, the Moon and her Cycles, Numerology and the Energy Bodies, Card Pulls and the Tarot, the Elements and Honoring the North, South, East and West. 

As a Silver Lining Wishes Brand Partner you will have an opportunity to build your own SLWishes business branch, and will learn how to build and grow your own client base and team, which includes all of the tools you need: everything from business basics to business mastery. As a brand partner, you can build your own SLWishes business branch, or use these SLLeadership methods to enhance the work you already do. Or both!

This Certification is for women who are ready to lead themselves and other women through their own healing journeys: reclaiming their power, remembering their wisdom and rewriting their stories.  It is for women who are looking to intentionally build their leadership legacy in both impact and income.   It is for women ready to bring an abundance of wealth and worth, healing and hope, to the larger collective.  

The Silver Lining Leadership Program is for women ready to find our freedom.  Spiritual Freedom.   Financial Freedom.  Fierce Feminine Freedom. For me.  For you.  For all of us.

Cohort 1 begins April 2022.  Limited spots available.

*Enrollment in SLLeadership also includes registration in the SLCircle monthly membership for the year of your enrollment*

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