The Silver Lining CIRCLE: A Rising Collective

The Silver Lining Circle is a sacred membership community. It is a space for us to reconnect with our inner wisdom. Our intuition.  To sit in communion with other women in a different way.  To show up in our vulnerability.  To be ourselves: real, raw and true.  It is the space for us to reclaim the power that has always been inside of us.  To reconnect to our purpose and our passion.  The Silver Lining CIRCLE is the space to claim our birthright: to live the life of our wildest wishes.  To tune into our heart's voice and have the courage to follow it.   It is for the women who are ready for more: more love, more light, more money, more power, more joy.  It is for women who are ready to show up in the fullest expression of who they are: to stop being tired and tame and timid. To stop putting themselves last. This is for the women who are ready to be fierce, feminine and free.  



The Silver Lining CIRCLE is a monthly membership. A journey into reclaiming your power.    To go deeper in finding your higher self and hearing your heart's voice.  And tapping into the courage to follow it.  This is a journey to building self-trust like you never had before.  To becoming the authority in our own life.  To becoming your own expert.  To knowing with certainty that only you know what's best for you.  And what isn't.   This is the journey to reimagining the life of your wildest wishes. And through our work together, you’ll  uncover the roadmap showing you how to get there. Not the way to follow my path, or anyone else's path.  The way to finding your path and the courage to walk it.  

Each month, we focus on a central theme, and all of the work we'll do has been meticulously curated around it.  Every aspect is aligned with the wishes we are working on, and the chakra associated with it. Every meditation, journal prompt and wish ritual, have all been specifically created to support you, allowing you to go deep, to find your intuition and to tap into your limitless power. 


 What’s included:

- a (virtual) community ceremony each month.  These are sacred events: think virtual retreat.  We will experience a wish ritual, energy healing, and powerful practices that allow us deepen our purpose, our passion and our power.  These calls are magical moments and if you miss them live, don’t worry:  replays will be posted to the portal and you can revisit them again and again. And the energy is so good, you'll want to! 

- a membership in the SLCircle portal where you'll find the monthly meditation, mantras, printable journals, and the recordings of all of our live calls.

- a private, members only facebook group which will be your go to for posts and lives from me and support from all of your sisters.  This is a space to lean into each other, ask questions, brag about breakthroughs, celebrate our wins, make prayer requests, and offer support and love to each other. 

- monthly wishes (one for each week) mailed to you to support you in the work we do together and the work you do independently.  

What to expect

 Big expansion. Bold Empowerment.  

This work is life changing.  It is fierce and fiery and fun.  It is hard and hopeful and hugely impactful.  And being an integral part of a sacred membership community is deeply moving.  Miracles happen in this space every day.  We come to expect them and to celebrate each and every one.

This is the Silver Lining CIRCLE.  This is your sacred call to step into creating the life of your wildest wishes. It's your time.


*Photo credit: Kiley Shai Photography