Colleen is a powerhouse energy healer! She is a true healer of healers. I'm a teacher, healer and mother and the space she holds on our calls is so expansive and so deep, that I don't want our time to end. Her communication with the Divine is graceful and impressive. I have scheduled healings with her to both clear energetic blocks as well as to get deeper guidance on specific topics. I have also scheduled calls to spend some time receiving divine downloads with greater ease. We start each call with a quick chat and when the work begins, it is always exactly what I need, even if I don't know what that is beforehand. The ease that Colleen has to work in conjunction with angels, ascended masters and all things Divine is her secret sauce. Her openness to holding such a massive space for such intensely incredible work to be done is her greatest gift. As a healer, she is top notch. As a teacher, she is relatable and inspirational. As a woman, she is someone you are lucky to have by your side. I highly recommend her programs, her teachings and her healing work. If you are considering working with her, do it, no need to think twice. I have experienced notable shifts in my confidence, my business and my life since working with her for the past several months. 
My session with Colleen was nothing short of magical. She and the guides held me as I journeyed into each of my shadows including anger, hate and then into peace and acceptance. It was emotional and beautiful. I felt so held and grounded. Colleen, I'm honored to witness your gifts. Book a session with her y'all! You won't regret it. 
~Rebecca Ann