Dear Silver Lining Wishers,

I am a woman with a wish: an idea to empower everyone to co-create their own wishes; a way for people to connect with the Universe and the infinite power that It holds. I shared my idea for Silver Lining Wishes with my dear friend, and she understood how important this work was for the world.  Together, we embarked on the inspiring journey to bring it to all of you.  But our path took an unexpected turn when my beautiful friend lost her battle with cancer.  She passed away before we were finished; in so many ways we were just beginning.  And almost unbelievably, the first time Silver Lining Wishes were shared publicly was at her memorial. 

Though my journey to bring this to you has changed in ways that I would never have planned, Silver Lining Wishes have been deeply healing in a way that I didn't fully understand until now.  And so to honor the spirit of my most beloved friend, and to empower all of you to align with the Universe and begin your own wish journey, I share Silver Lining Wishes with you.  I hope that you see the magic of the Universe and the connectedness of all of us the way we do. 

I wish you joy as you too, learn to trust the Universe and the magic that It holds.


Colleen Ann