BOLD and BOUNDARIED Mastermind
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BOLD and BOUNDARIED Mastermind

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Boundaries are the very foundation for our expansion.  They allow us to change our personal dynamic and move into a new paradigm.  Boundaries allow us to show up fullest extent of who we are, embodying our truest essence. And they tell everyone around us how to be in community with us: from our children to our bosses.

Boundaries are the energetic structure that create our magnetism, attracting to us our ideal clients, sisters, partners and friends.  

When we set and activate BOLD BOUNDARIES, we become fully aligned energetic beings and we reclaim the fullness of our power.

BOLD and BOUNDARIED is a full reprogramming creating sacred space for you to reclaim your power.  Learn the tools to  release, resolve, and rewrite your story. This is a complete energetic recalibration.

3 weeks.  6 LIVE trainings with Q and A.  Group voxer coaching included.

Begins June 1, 2022


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